Markus Nenning (CEO),Hakan Özkan


ITÜ Teknokent ARI-2 Toplantı Salonu


4th Generation Software and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)


Flexibility, individuality, fast changes - successful businesses challenge the development of business applications. This requires to radically rethink how business applications are built.

At Sclable we built an engine that does the programming. Based on a business domain model a core engine generates the application. We do not distinct between data, structure or logic. Changing one aspect triggers changes throughout the application. We have built an engine that executes these changes - error free, in real time and at any scale.

Sclable Business Solutions is presenting in Istanbul for the first time the Sclable framework to create your own business application.

Konu basliklari genel olarak:

  • Speaker’s Intro
  • 4th Generation Software and Domain-Driven Design - some theoretical principles
  • 4th Generation for Business Software
  • Live Demo: Tool for building 4th Generation Software
  • Showcasing

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