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ITÜ Teknokent ARI-3 Toplantı Salonu 4


Building Paraşüt with Ember.js

Bu hafta’dan Andaç Türkmen ve Bariş Gümüştaş bizlere ember.js ve parasut’deki kullanimi hakkinda bir sunum yapacak.

Andaç Türkmen (@andac) is technical cofounder of He’s been in the development business for too long (15 years). Prior to, he’s been the technical cofounder for several startups, including In his spare time, he likes baking cookies with his beautiful 3-year old daughter and pursuing his other dream of becoming a sailor.

Bariş Gümüştaş (@matrushka) is team lead at He is a skilled rails and emberjs developer. According to his linkedin profile, he is also an “hybrid”. In his spare time, Bariş is hugely passionate about industrial design, having engaged in many side projects with other designers including for the recent Istanbul Design Biennial. He is also a big gamer and twitch user.


  • Modern SaaS for Turkey
  • Technical Challenges
  • But why Ember.js?
  • Ember.js Philosophy
  • So what is Ember.js?
  • Ember.js
  • Ember App Kit
  • What is Ember App Kit
  • ES6 modules
  • Testing
  • Compiling Assets
  • Linting JS
  • Package Management
  • Ember CLI
  • Generators
  • Broccoli


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