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Ansible ve Infrastructure as Code

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Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

Bu hafta Sony’den Enis bizlere Infrastructure as Code konseptinden bahsedecek. (http://infrastructure-as-code.com/)


Every piece of code works differently. All of them have different bottlenecks. Nowadays we solve programmatic cases by using IDE’s, debuggers, breakpoints.

But what about Operating System problems?

In this session, we will talk about Infrastructure as Code and how Ansible solves daily infrastructure problems in that perspective.

  • What is Infrastructure as Code?
  • What are provisioning tools?
    • Comparison with ancient solutions like bash, python
    • Types
      • Pull based
      • Push based
      • Pull based vs push based
  • What is Ansible?
    • Is it necessary?
    • Comparison with other tools
    • Ansible related topics
      • What is playbook
      • What is role
      • What is module
      • Best practices for Ansible
  • How to make it better
    • How to prepare reliable Infrastructure
      • Testing your infrastructure


I’m an engineer who interest with Cloud and Linux Systems. I’m fond of building automation systems which make long stories short, I prefer Python & Ansible but I also love learning technologies.

I have started to my cloud adventure with OpenStack but nowadays working with Amazon Web Services solutions in Sony.

On the other side, I love to blogging new things which I learned such as technical or any topic that makes my life easier. I like to meet with new peoples and speak about daily topics.


Bahceşehir Üniversitesi, Beşiktas D Konferans Salonu

Etkinlik TSI 19:30’da başlayacaktır

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