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Git Workshop

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Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

Bu hafta Hamza Ismail bizlere git atolyesi yapacak. Etkinlik dili Ingilizce olacaktir

Etkinlik B-401 nolu sınıfta TSI 19:30’da gercekleştirilecektir.


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Keeping track of the advancement of any software project in terms of code source was a painful problem in the past until Git came around and started changing things for the better, of course there were some solutions before Git like CVS and others but they were not that simple to the average developer.

Git is simply a solution that let’s us keep track of our source code including text files, images, folders and other types of documents throughout the lifecycle of a software project. With Git having multiple developers working on the same source code is not an issue, we can even find out the developer of any given line of code!

In fact, Git can be used not only by software developers but also by writers and other types of artists.

In this Workshop, I will talk about the basics of Git, what is commit, stashing, push command, branches, merging, local and remote repository and finally submitting and testing pull requests and resolving conflicts if there are any.

Git is also broadly used in conjunction with Github(online cloud based service), so we will try to use Github if there is internet connectivity.


Bahceşehir Üniversitesi, Beşiktas B-401 Nolu sınıf

Etkinlik TSI 19:30’da başlayacaktır

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